Blue Dragon v2 by sandara


As promised, today I’m featuring some more amazing artwork by the Singaporean professional artist sandara!  And since we’re still on vacation, I thought I’d show off three of her amazing ocean-themed images.  First up we have Blue Dragon v2.  I love the shipwreck and the epic size of the dragon.  I would want to live as far, far inland as possible if I knew something like this was lurking in the depths!

Here is another piece by sandara called Gu Zheng, and she comments that she “thinks it’s also known as a Chinese zither.”  She’s correct; according to Wikipedia, that is the translation of the term for the instrument being played in this image.  This beautiful dragon looks almost made of water, perhaps created by the woman’s music?


And finally, we have another Blue Dragon, which along with the first was a commission for, an online comic and game store.  According to sandara’s note, this one was available as a playmat at GenCon Indianapolis in 2013.  This is another really popular image that you can find all over the internet with no attribution, so I’m glad I can showcase it here and tell the world that the artist is sandara!


Be sure to check out more of her gallery, and visit her Society6 shop to purchase framed art prints, phone cases, throw pillows, and more featuring her great artwork.

Take care everyone — I’m sure I’m searching for some ocean dragons right now!  I love the beach.  🙂  Stay creative!

Image credits:
Blue Dragon v2 by sandara
Gu Zheng, by sandara
Blue Dragon by sandara

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