Five Crystal Dragons by Sandara… and thinking about my novel again…


All of my posts have featured either black or gold dragons on the front page recently, so I thought I’d return a splash of color to my site and feature these amazing Crystal Dragons by the inimitable and amazing Singaporean artist Sandara.  This first is her Green Crystal Dragon, looking calm and sage, perched in it’s green habitat.  (Bad pun, sorry…)  *WOOD*

Next up is her Blue Crystal Dragon, “kind of a quetzalcoatl sort of thing” Sandara says, and doesn’t he look just as royal as his Mesoamerican inspiration?  (Okay, that one just snuck in, I swear.) *WATER*


To warm things up a bit, here is her fierce Red Crystal Dragon.  I really love the wings, and doesn’t he look bloody terrifying?  (Yikes, I don’t think I can stop…)  *FIRE*


All right, that’s enough color.  This next dragon is just called Crystal and is the first of this type of dragon Sandara posted, years before the others, but still an amazing depiction.  This dragon appears to have been part of a pitched battle, if those swords and spears sticking out of it are any indication!  (I know, that one’s a stretch…)  *EARTH*


And finally, here is her most recent addition, the White Crystal Dragon, with multiple iridescent wings, the frosting on the cake as far as I’m concerned.  (I’ve never claimed to be great at puns!)  *METAL*


I really love these dragons, and I apologize for the puns, but after the first two I just couldn’t help myself and had to figure out a pun for each dragon.  Some were more successful than others, as I’m sure you’d agree.  Still, it was fun!  🙂  Please, share your own color puns in the comments, I’d love to hear some more!

As I was looking at the five dragons together, though, it also occurred to me that these five could be interpreted to represent the five Wu Xing elements (on which I’m trying to base a major part of my stalled out Finding Dragons novel series).  I even added the corresponding element at the end of each paragraph above, for my own reference.

Unlike how I placed them above, the usual order to list the wu xing elements is Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, the “mutual generation” sequence.  However, they can also be listed in the “mutual overcoming” sequence, as Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, Metal.


While this is something I plan to take into account in my plotting, I honestly haven’t thought much about my novel in quite a while, even though my intention was to get back to writing after the new year.  So perhaps this was a nudge from the universe to get back to it?  I’m certainly thinking about it now.

We shall see.  In the meantime, you can check out the other times I’ve featured Sandara on my blog, or find even more amazing art at her deviantart gallery.  You can also find Sandara’s art all over the web on uncredited wallpaper and graphic sites, but that has always really bothered me.  Do both Sandara and me a favor, don’t support stolen art, and instead always go straight to the source, all right?  You can check out her Society6 shop to purchase framed art prints, phone cases, throw pillows, and more featuring her great artwork.  🙂

Okay, another week in the books.  Take care and stay creative everyone!

Image credits:
Green Crystal Dragon by Sandara

Blue Crystal Dragon by Sandara
Red Crystal Dragon by Sandara
Crystal by Sandara
White Crystal Dragon by Sandara
Wu Xing diagram created by WikiCommons user Parnassus

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