Rainy Day – The Best Friends by Alvia Alcedo


The forecast called for rain today, but so far I think it’s been dry… that’s all right though, because today I have kittens on the brain, so this beautiful art called Rainy Day – the best friends by Russian deviantartist Alvia Alcedo is purrr-fect.

Our kittens turned six months old yesterday, and we brought them into the vet’s office to be spayed and neutered — no unexpected kittens for us, thank you very much!  Then my husband picked them up this morning, and worked from home to keep an eye on them.  I missed our little crazies last night, even though I think the older kids appreciated the momentary peace and quiet!

Alvia is one of my favorite artists, so here is another called Dragon and kitty.  She captions it, “In friendship it doesn’t matter who are you- a small fatty kitty or a magic creature.  Friendship gives you wings to fly and catch the star.”  Aww!


And finally, here are some cute little dragons that certainly remind me of playful kittens.  This is Fruit sky happiness, a nice bit of tropical color as we move from summer into fall here in the northern hemisphere.


Be sure to check out Alvia’s awesome gallery as well.  And with that, I’m finally caught up from the crazy weekend!  Thanks for reading, everyone, and stay creative!

Image credits:
Rainy Day – the best friends by Alvia Alcedo
Dragon and kitty by Alvia Alcedo
Fruit sky happiness by Alvia Alcedo

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