Blue and White Pendant by How Many Dragons?


Oh. My. God.

It finally happened. I kinda missed a day.

WordPress was nice enough to let me backdate this post, but I’ll admit it: it’s 12:05am on Sunday, actually. (And then I couldn’t go to bed without more editing, so it’s even later now.)  Sigh.

I’ve been busy today — went to a new writing spot and wrote something completely new for about two hours, 1,200 words, so I know I’m not completely broken. Then it was dinner with friends, a theater show, and then end of night games and chatting, and the day just slipped away.

Hopefully, it’s just the once. I really do feel awful. But at the same time, it’s not the end of the world, I know. Forgive me?

Goodnight! Stay creative!

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