Elemental Dragons by Lorene Barioz


Couldn’t decide what to do for a short post this week when I discovered today’s featured artist and fell absolutely in love — so with no further ado, this is Earth Dragon Style by French professional artist Lorene Barioz, posting as Dragibuz.

The last dragon in her short elemental series from 2016, Lorene writes, “It was probably the most difficult to make and to imagine.  But I guess it’s one of my favourite too, now.”  I agree, which is why I decided to share these in reverse order!  The small details like the stones, thorns, and roots that are intertwined in this dragon make this piece really spectacular.

Her third entry was this Wind Dragon Style, and she writes, “I hesitated between making a ‘white’ ambiance, or a gold one. I finally chose the gold atmosphere. Maybe it’s less light than white, but I like it that way.”  While I’ve often seen ‘wind’ shown as white or silver in sets like this, I really like her bold choice of gold for this element!


Then of course, we have the Fire Dragon Style, and Lorene writes, “I wanted a demoniac ambiance for that one, with a magic fire. Hope you’ll appreciate that guy.”  Umm, look at that expression on this tough-looking dragon — I think we’d all better appreciate him! 😉  Another cool feature are this dragon’s horns — the multiple different sets look natural and really work together.


And finally, here is her flowing, mystical-looking Water Dragon Style, the first in her series.  Lorene writes, “Here we go. It’s been a while I haven’t work on a personal picture. Especially a dragon.  I was so glad of this one that I did others. I’ll post them soon. Four elements, four dragons. Which one will be next?”


As we can see now, she did the four traditional western elementsWater, Fire, Wind, and Earth, and they were all beautiful representations of their core traits.  There’s so much more I wish I could show you of Lorene’s art, but I’ll have to save them for another time since this is a short post!

You can see all of Lorene’s amazing art for yourself in her gallery, follow her on Facebook or Tumblr, check out her blog, and support her adorable artwork by buying cute keychains, stickers, and more from her Etsy store.

That’s it for me this week!  I will admit, I haven’t written an island for my novel Finding Dragons in a while, despite my best intentions with this year’s new blogging schedule.

But I do have a scene percolating in my brain, I swear!  Lately life has gotten in the way of putting fingers-to-keyboard, but once the craziness of summer plans die down next week, perhaps I can get myself back on track.

Meanwhile, I’m going to celebrate the win that I’m now almost three-quarters through the year, and I’ve been pretty consistent with my once-a-week posting schedule without getting burned out!  Yay!

Next week I have a special feature planned related to my crazy summer instead of Writing Thoughts, so stay tuned for that.  But for now, thank you as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
All artwork in this post is by Lorene Barioz, posting as Dragibuz

Earth Dragon StyleWind Dragon StyleFire Dragon Style, and Water Dragon Style 

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