AtoZ 2017: Q is for Quest for Camelot


Q is for Quest for Camelot

Another animated movie (and a musical, too!) next in the April 2017 AtoZ Challenge, this time a Warner Bros. offering from 1998 called Quest for Camelot.

Those are the official movie poster and the character poster for “Devon & Cornwall: A two-headed dragon with an identity crisis,” from Internet Movie Poster Awards site, which boasts “one of the largest collections of movie poster images online.”

According to Wikipedia:

Quest for Camelot (released in the United Kingdom as The Magic Sword: Quest for Camelot) is a 1998 American animated musical fantasy film directed by Frederik Du Chau and based on the novel The King’s Damosel by Vera Chapman. … The film was released on May 15, 1998, by Warner Bros. Family Entertainment.

And just check out this all-star cast!

The film stars Jessalyn Gilsig, Cary Elwes, Jane Seymour, Gary Oldman, Eric Idle, Don Rickles, Pierce Brosnan, Bronson Pinchot, Jaleel White, Gabriel Byrne, and John Gielgud. Céline Dion, Bryan White, Steve Perry, and Andrea Corr perform vocals.

I will admit, I haven’t seen this movie in many, many years, so I needed a refresher on the plot.  I found the best long-form summary on the Quest for Camelot Wiki (which you can read at that link), and their synopsis explains:

The film is about a spirited teenage girl named Kayley who wants to be a knight of the Round Table in Camelot and a blind young man named Garrett who wishes only to be left alone, and their quest to find Excalibur, after it is stolen by the evil knight, Ruber.

During their adventure, Kayley and Garrett escape into dragon-inhabited mountains, where they meet the two-headed dragon Devon and Cornwall.  Because the two heads don’t get along and even sing about wishing to be separate, they cannot breathe fire or fly like normal dragons, and they are bullied because of it.  So they join the party searching for Excalibur, becoming the dragon sidekick, and their arc ends when they finally do work together to fly and breathe fire to help save the day.  After being separated briefly, they decide they don’t want to be separate after all and are rejoined.  (Aww.)

I found a full complement of American artists for today’s fanart of the two-headed dragon, so let’s get to it!  Up first is An Odd Couple by American deviantartist Rapsody.  The two heads seem to be getting along in this picture, at least!  See more in her gallery.


This next one is called Quest for Camelot – If I Didn’t Have You by American deviantartist Turquoisephoenix, and that’s the name of Devon & Cornwall’s song about wishing they were separate.  They’re not getting along so well in this picture… See more in her gallery as well.


In this next one, we see why having two disagreeing heads could be such a big problem!  This is no this away by American deviantartist Caroline, posting as chausseeca.  I really like the distinct expressions each artist is giving to the very different dragons.  See her gallery for more.


And speaking of expressions!  This next one is called HomeDragons Yo by American professional artist Jerome K. Moore, which he captions, “Just foolin’ around. And when ya wanna fool around, why not go ‘ghetto?’ LOL!” Pretty funny stuff, if you ask me.  Check out more of his comic book art in his gallery.


I thought this one was cute too, another imagining of Devon & Cornwall as The Blues Dragons by American deviantartist Matthew Parker, posting as KornerPokett (and referencing the 1980 Aykroyd/Belushi movie).  Check out his gallery for more.


The characters Devon & Cornwall were definitely part of the comic relief of the movie, and voiced by two veteran comic actors (who also sang their own song, as you can see at the link far above).  Devon, the tall, skinny side, was voiced by Eric Idle, of Monty Python fame.

Cornwall, the shorter dragon, was voiced by comedian Don Rickles, who passed away just a few weeks ago.  Younger audiences may know Rickles better as the voice of Mr. Potato Head from the Toy Story franchise, as American deviantartist KaramatsuGirlLover92 notes in the caption to this image called RIP Mr. Rickles.  See her gallery for more.


Rickles’ passing was felt throughout the showbiz world, and I thought it was only fitting to end with this piece by American deviantartist Michelle Bard, posting as ToonSkribblez, called Devon’s Loss.  *sniff*  I think there’s some dust in my eye… Check out Michelle’s gallery, where she’s done lots of Pokemon art, to cheer yourself up after.


Thank you for reading!  I know these posts are getting later and later in the day, but I’m hoping to keep up with the AtoZ Challenge a little longer, so check back tomorrow for “R” and a look at an infamous dragon movie from the early 2000s!  Take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Official movie poster and character poster from Internet Movie Poster Awards 
An Odd Couple by Rapsody 
Quest for Camelot – If I Didn’t Have You by Turquoisephoenix 
no this away by chausseeca   
HomeDragons Yo by Jerome K. Moore 
The Blues Dragons by Matthew Parker, posting as KornerPokett 
RIP Mr. Rickles by KaramatsuGirlLover92 
Devon’s Loss by Michelle Bard, posting as ToonSkribblez  

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4 thoughts on “AtoZ 2017: Q is for Quest for Camelot

    • I’m glad I could remind you! 🙂 I had forgotten that Don Rickles had just died until I found that image, making this a more timely post than I realized it would be when I planned for it back in March. Watching the video of Devon & Cornwall’s song (by Idle and Rickles) was pretty bittersweet too.

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  1. Thank to this post I also have been reminded about Don Rickles and his recent passing, I also agree about Devon and Cornwall’s song being being pretty bitter sweet. I also am amazed how far you have been able to reach in your A to Z challenge and how interesting it is to be finding all of these different dragons. Keep up the great work.

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