AtoZ 2017: R is for Reign of Fire


R is for Reign of Fire

Next up (and a little late, apologies) in the April 2017 AtoZ Challenge, let’s talk about the famous — or some might say, infamous — 2002 blockbuster movie Reign of Fire.


Above is a concept sketch from the Reign of Fire wiki of one of the movie’s climatic scenes, and below is a screen shot of that scene from the movie uploaded by American deviantartist Hana, posting as lightworkerlabs.  Many fans praise how well the wyvern-style dragons are rendered in the movie and how the CGI blends with the live-action shots of future London.


The Wikipedia page gives this synopsis of the film:

The film is set in a post-apocalyptic England in the year 2020; twenty years after London tunneling project workers inadvertently re-awake dragons from centuries of slumber and the creatures have subsequently replaced humans as the dominant species on Earth.

With the fate of mankind at stake, two surviving parties, led by Quinn Abercromby (Christian Bale) and Denton Van Zan (Matthew McConaughey) respectively, find that they must work together to hunt down and destroy the beasts in a desperate attempt to take back the world.

Here is the official movie poster from the Reign of Fire wiki, with the tagline, “Fight Fire With Fire – They’re extremely intelligent, highly evolved, and they don’t like sharing the planet.”

Reign of Fire Poster

I myself have never seen the movie (and this AtoZ Challenge has shown me just how many dragon movies I’ve missed over the years, apparently!), but I really enjoyed this trailer, uploaded by YouTube user WamBamFam:

But finally, let’s get to the fanart I found.  I was pleasantly surprised to find so many great images, starting with this Reign of Fire Dragon in a very neat ink style, reminiscent of the movie poster above, by U.K. professional artist Dan Craig.  You can find more in his gallery, or more recent work at his Facebook.


Next up is Reign of Fire by American deviantartist Mandi, posting as Sarquindi.  She captions it saying “I have a love for dragons and that movie is one of my favorites! This isn’t a scene in the movie or anything… but inspired by a few of them.”  Check out her gallery for more.


Here’s a much darker vision of the dragons by American deviantartist Kevin, posting as StayPuftShrimp, called London Calling.  His caption reads, “Wings pound as the demons are stirred from their nests. The sky turns black.”  If the dragons weren’t evil in this movie, I’d say I’d love to see a dragon-filled sky like this! 😉  Check out more in his amazing gallery.


Here is the Reign of Fire Prayer according to Greenlander deviantartist David, posting as iluliarmioq.  It reads, “What do we do when we wake?  Keep both eyes on the sky.  What do we do when we sleep?  Keep one eye on the sky.  What do we do when we see them?  Dig hard, dig deep, run for shelter and never look back.”  See more art in his gallery, including some amazing photos of Greenland.


This next one is an interpretation of a scene from the movie, called Reign of Fire by American deviantartist LadyAdriela.  She captions it, “this is from one of my favorite parts when the kid crawls into the cavern and sees the dragon for the first time.”  Must be a creepy scene!  See more in her gallery.


And finally, let’s end on a cute one — this is Reign of Fire by Thai deviantartist Piti Yindee.  He captions it “I just love the design of the dragon.”  I like this little guy too — much less scary than some of the ones above!  Check out his gallery and his Wuffle comics for more.


As much as many people say they love this movie, the box office wasn’t so kind — the movie reportedly only made $82 million, while it cost more than $60 million to make.  Critics weren’t so kind to the commercial failure either — with only a 40% on the site Rotten Tomatoes, the critic consensus reads, “An enjoyable B-movie if you don’t use your brain.”  Ouch.

Well, I’m back-dating this post to keep my archive on track, but as you might have noticed, I’ve fallen behind on my daily AtoZs.  I just got a little burnt out, but I’m proud to have made it from A to Q on time, anyway!  

But never fear, I have my AtoZ plan and I will finish the month of posts about Dragons in Our Fandoms out — it just might not be quite on time.  But I’m all right with that, and I hope you’ll still find some time to check out the posts whenever they do get done!

Thanks as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
Concept sketch from the Reign of Fire wiki  

Reign of Fire Dragon screen shot by lightworkerlabs 
Official movie poster from the Reign of Fire wiki  
Reign of Fire movie trailer uploaded by WamBamFam 
Reign of Fire Dragon by Dan Craig 
Reign of Fire by Sarquindi 
London Calling by StayPuftShrimp 
Reign of Fire Prayer by iluliarmioq  
Reign of Fire by LadyAdriela  
Reign of Fire by Piti Yindee  

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