Destructive by Aria Siaosi


I love the sense of motion and darkness in this piece called Destructive by American deviantartist Aria Siaosi, who posts as fringe-god.  As is my wont, I came across her work by searching for a very specific phrase, and chose it because Aria notes that the dragon is “supposed to be vomiting parasites.”  Eew!  But sadly, relevant.

You see, two of our furchildren have been sick for a week, and although the vet can’t tell us what’s exactly wrong with them yet, we’re testing for parasites and other issues.  It’s pretty gross so I won’t go into it, and instead I’ll show you this adorable image of Aria’s cat, the slightly Pusheen-esque Tomi the Unsatiable.  So cute!


And then I’ll get back to Aria’s dragons, because she has some really great examples in her deviantart gallery.  This next one is called Visiting the Ravine, and is a remake of an earlier piece she posted under an old account seven years earlier.  Although that one is nice, when comparing the two, you can really see how Aria’s art style has evolved.


Then next we have Sloppy Queen, so-called because the artist felt it was messily done and posted it despite not being happy with the quality.  I think it’s a very cool design, and the vibrant colors are great!  Even Eragon is usually a duller or lighter solid blue, and the tiger stripe detail is perfect.


Then lightening things up a little bit, here is Sweetgrass, a watercolor painting.  The dragon’s structure here is really interesting, and I see a lot of creature influences, like elk and eagle and lizard.  I also really like the trees in the background — necessary for a white dragon on white paper, I guess!


Here is a more traditional dragon, a commissioned drawing called Bea of the original character of fellow deviantartist Glenrai.  I like the violet accents, and like another fan mentions, the dragon looks very graceful.  (Glenrai has an amazing piece herself called Where the Sun turns Silver that you should also check out, a pair of dragons flying over a mountain lake.)


This next one is an awesome rendition of a Magic: the Gathering card called ThunderMaw Hellkite.  I’ve never seen the card myself (it’s listed on the WotC site as mythic rare) but it sounds like a Red card I’d definitely use!  “3C2R — Flying & Haste. When Thundermaw Hellkite enters the battlefield, it deals 1 damage to each creature with flying your opponents control. Tap those creatures.”


Then coming back to Aria’s style from the beginning, this is called Moon Swimming and is one of my favorites in her gallery.  She says it’s a shirt design, but I think it would work really well for business cards or even a website heading…?  Hmmm… I might have to contact Aria and have a chat… 😉



And finally, because any time an artist I feature has a Pokemon image, I’ve just got to share it, since I’m still all about playing Pokemon Go.

Today I picked up another Ho-oh, the latest legendary bird — we have a great group here in downtown Minneapolis, as professionals from all walks of life meet during lunch and after work (and occasionally in the middle of the workday even!) to battle in Gym Raids!  So here is Aria’s Sassy Charizard — as she writes, “what a face on ’em.” 🙂  I think he’s cute.


Aria has lots more amazing art in her deviantart gallery, and you can also check her out on InstagramFacebook, Tumblr, or follow her on Twitter!

Okay, I’m off to deal with sick kittens and getting more… samples… so the vet can run more tests and we can find out what’s plaguing my poor children.  Eeeew.  Luckily, only two of the six are having problems so far, and we’re hopeful it stays that way!

Well… maybe I’ll just do a little bit more browsing for next week’s post before I head home, since my husband is already there taking care of the kids… I’m sure he’s got everything under control!  😉  (Kidding! I’m going!)

Thanks as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
All artwork in this post is by Aria Siaosi, posting as fringe-god, who also used to post as ShadowedLight.
DestructiveTomi the UnsatiableVisiting the Ravine, Sloppy QueenSweetgrass, BeaThunderMaw HellkiteMoon Swimming, and Sassy Charizard

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