Cornucopia by Mythka


Perfect for fall and this Thanksgiving week here in the U.S., here is Cornucopia by deviantartist Candice C. Sciortino, posting as Mythka.  As I mentioned the last time I featured her work, Candice began a Dragon-A-Day series in October 2015, that she then continued into November, and December, and beyond, and now there are more than 300 dragons in that collection alone!  This one was created for fellow deviantartist Floofychu.

Mythka’s November series is really great, so let’s get right to them, shall we?  Up next is November Sunset, created for RabbitileRex.  I really love the eagle-like wings, and the colors are just perfect.  I want that scarf! 🙂


And of course, after a sunset, you’ll have a Crisp Autumn Night, created for Umeki-18 and then gifted to Aiohon12.  Similar wings, and the deep blue-black of the sky with flecks of stars is just amazing.


This next one has more traditional dragon wings and is simply called Autumn, created for Ecanusiofiel.  The markings on this dragon are so pretty, and as another fan mentioned, “I love his dangles!  They would make really cool earrings…” 🙂


Then we have a beautiful dragon called Drizzle, created for Floofychu and gifted to bhudicae (the fan from above).  Here in Minnesota we’ve already had snow, so I’d be happy to go back to drizzly rain instead.  And more scarves!


So, I was actually going to feature Mythka a few weeks ago when I ran across this next piece, but I decided to save her for this week instead.  This is Bonfire Night, posted on Guy Fawkes’ Day, November 5 (Remember, remember!), and created for oukamiyoukai45.  You can watch this dragon come to life in less than 10 minutes on Candice’s YouTube channel!nov_5___bonfire_night_by_mythka

Now, as much as I love all of Mythka’s work, I have to admit, I find this next one just a little bit weird… Here is Wild Turkey, created for noebelle.  I don’t know, I love her bird/dragon hybrids, but…?  A lot of her fans thought it was wonderful, though, so I’m not judging, and I do really like the head feather frills.  Let me know your take in the comments, yeah? 


And, finally, let’s wrap it up with a wish to my American followers from Candice (and myself!) of Happy Thanksgiving, created for WolfSongLuna.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with great food, family, and friends!


Make sure you check out Candice’s deviantart gallery for more amazing dragons and other fantastic creatures.  You can also follow her on Twitter, and even help support her artwork on Patreon for more special content!

Short post this week as I prepare for the arrival of my parents for the Thanksgiving holiday, complete with a full turkey dinner and Black Friday shopping starting early the next day!  Thank you as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!!

Image credits:
All artwork in this post is by Candice C. Sciortino, posting as Mythka
Nov 20 – CornucopiaNov 13 – November SunsetNov 28 – Crisp Autumn NightNov 10 – AutumnNov 22 – DrizzleNov 5 – Bonfire NightNov 17 – Wild Turkey, and Nov 26 – Happy Thanksgiving

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