Watching for Stars by Travis Hanson

Watching for Stars by Travis Hanson

This is Watching for Stars by American professional artist Travis Hanson, and I am so happy I stumbled across his artwork tonight — he’s amazing!  I’ve been watching, and I’ve found my star!

It’s already Saturday night, and all week I’ve been struggling to find some art to inspire me, so I can stay on target with my once-a-week posting schedule.

It’s been difficult because I’ve also been reviewing my dormant Neeka Story this week, since now I’m hell bent on continuing that before the new year, and I’ve even revamped the page a little bit, so check it out if you have a chance.

I’ve also been cleaning my house top-to-bottom in preparation of my parents’ arrival for Thanksgiving next week!  Yikes!

At least I can promise that you’ll see cool November dragons next week, since I had my Thanksgiving post written and scheduled before I even started this one thanks to a rare fit of pre-writing pique.  (It will post on Monday, so check back then!)

As soon as I found his work, I already knew I’d definitely have to feature Travis again in the future — I marked more than twenty of his dragon-centric works that I loved, and had to whittle them down to only eight pieces to get this out tonight!  So this next one is called The Journal, and Travis writes:

In the last 50 years the art of journals has all but disappeared. Our children will never know our histories or our mistakes. We need to correct that and take a moment in our “busy” lives and write down what was important to us and what [we] did in life. So others might realize that they are not so alone.

The Journal by Travis Hanson

This next one reminded me (and one of Travis’ fans as well) of Menolly from Anne McCaffrey‘s Harper Hall trilogy, part of the Dragonriders of Pern series, which as I’ve mentioned before was a huge inspiration for me to write my own dragon books.  This is called The Dragon Tamer, and as Travis writes, “What better way to capture dragons than with music?”

The Dragon Tamer by Travis Hanson

Now here is one that’s very representative of Travis’ main art style — bringing the imagination to life.  This is Dragon Standoff, and Travis writes:

When I was growing up — I would spend hours battling mighty dragons, huge trolls and sometimes battling great armies. All with a wooden sword and a cardboard shield. My adventures were pretty wild and very complex and when it was all said and done I usually won with minor scrapes and bruises. Yet there is a deeper meaning in this pic and I hope you can find it. It deals with life.

Dragon Standoff by Travis Hanson

I adore this next one because, if you add one more child, this could be me!  This is Long Mu Mom of 5 Dragons, and as you may know, I myself have six cats that are my children.  We actually have two family groups of three cats, and they don’t always get along perfectly… this could be a scene straight from our house, the way the orange dragon is peering at the yellow in her arms, and the green and blue are eyeing each other warily!

Long Mu Mom of 5 Dragons by Travis Hanson

I had to include this next ice dragon, since I nearly froze earlier today as I stood outside playing Pokemon Go!  This is Dragon vs Dino, and Travis writes, “I love dinos and I thought what a fun standoff. It used to be that the triceratops did not have a rider, but after playing with it a bit I figured it was needed. So our ‘young’ knight is coming into dragon territory as he searches on his quest.”  How cool is that?

Dragon vs Dino by Travis Hanson

It has been such a crazy week that I would give anything for this next one to be how I spend my Sunday morning tomorrow… but alas, there’s always more in my house to unclutter, as I try in vain to avoid my mother’s wrath when she arrives on Thursday!  Anyway, this is Coffee with a Dragon, and one of my absolute favorites.

Coffee with a Dragon by Travis Hanson

And finally, Travis has created an amazingly funny webcomic called Life of the Party: Realities of an RPG’er, in which he depicts hilarious role-playing scenarios that seasoned gamers and newbies alike can relate to.  I’ll have to do an entire post on these later, but for now, here is I Want a Re-Roll — the dragon is great, and I’ve definitely been there, done that!!

I Want a Re-Roll RPG Comic by Travis Hanson

There are lots of places to find Travis Hanson’s art, including his deviantart gallery, his blog travs imagination, his website the Art & Stories of Travis Hanson, and at Life of the Party: the Realities of an RPG’er, so go check him out!

And on a personal note, I’m happy to report that tonight I rode the light rail train home from Minneapolis, by myself, and I’m definitely well on my way to getting past what happened to me a few weeks ago.  Yay!

Thank you as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!!

Image credits:
All artwork in this post is by Travis Hanson
Watching for StarsThe JournalThe Dragon TamerDragon StandoffLong Mu Mom of 5 DragonsDragon vs DinoCoffee with a Dragon, and I Want a Re-Roll

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