Dragon Sculptures by Nikita Dragonrose of Dragonrose Designs

Dragonrose Designs 3

While at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival last weekend, I found a lovely little shop run by Nikita Dragonrose of Dragonrose Designs, and asked if I could share her adorable dragons with you!  Above is one of her dragons on a geode, and below is Nikita with dragon ornaments, earrings, and necklaces.

Dragonrose Designs 9

Nikita is based in Minnesota, but she has traveled far and wide to sell her wares.  She’ll be at the Des Moines, Iowa Renaissance Festival a few weekends in September, and then back at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival the first weekend of October, and then off to the Kansas City, Kansas Renaissance Festival a few weekends after that.  See her website for the full calendar.

Dragonrose Designs 2

Nikita has lots of different dragon designs, and a cute sign on the walls warning potential customers: “Caution! Be gentle with the dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with caramel sauce!”

Dragonrose Designs 7

She also sells these cute dragon hair clips and barrettes, along with other jewelry and statues.

Dragonrose Designs 6

I really liked these miniature pendants, with a tiny dragon wrapped around an empty glass vial.  This allows you to customize your design, choosing either larger stones from the birthstone chart below…

Dragonrose Designs 8

…or some of these tiny beads in all sorts of colors, or even a magical combination of both!

Dragonrose Designs 1

But Nikita isn’t just a sculpture artist.  She has also worked in graphic arts and product design, including her own brilliant logo below, and also traditional illustration.

Above on the right is an image from the cover of her current project, a children’s book she’s written and illustrated called Bruno Wants a Nose Hornabout “a dragon who really wants a nose horn like all the other dragons and finds himself getting into trouble trying to get one.”  Updates on the project can be found at her Bruno Facebook page.

Thanks as always for reading — I’m getting this one in under the wire again, but I managed two posts this week, as promised!  There’s been so much going on this summer that I haven’t gotten back to my writing like I planned, but I’m hopeful it could still happen, so stay tuned, and stay creative!

Image credits:
All photos taken by me on 8/27/17; all artwork by Nikita Dragonrose of Dragonrose Designs
Dragonrose Designs Logo by Nikita Dragonrose
Cover art for Bruno Wants a Nose Horn by Nikita Dragonrose

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