Eclipse by Adam Scythe


Yikes!  Time got away from me last week and I missed my post, but that just means you’ll get two posts this week, and tons of awesome dragon art!  Up first, in honor of the spectacle much of North America had a chance to see last week, this is Eclipse by professional watercolor artist Adam Scythe.

Adam has many amazing dragons and I couldn’t pick just a few, so up next, this is Spirits of the Sky.  He’s got a sweet, whimsical quality to a lot of his pieces — I like the chains on the stars and moon!


A lot of the beauty of Adam’s artwork is also his bright, vibrant color schemes.  Here’s a dragon and his companion, called Burning Sky


And this might be the same pair in a really dynamic image called Dragon Ride.


Adam doesn’t often caption his artwork, but for this contest entry called The Inventor’s Dragon, he writes, “He is small for now, but when he grows up, even his inventor is gonna run.”  I think he’s adorable, and his electric wings are really unique!  This image was even featured as a “daily deviation” on the deviantart site.


And of course, lots of artists have painted this next dragon’s portrait — here is Adam’s Smaug.  I love the lighting effects of the gold on his scales!


And finally in the dragon department, here is Shadow of the Dragon.  Adam has a YouTube Channel where you can see him create many of these pieces in sped-up video, and I highly recommend you check it out.  The whole video for Shadow of the Dragon is seven minutes long, but I’ve excerpted just a minute for you to watch below.

Adam has also done some excellent fandom images, including these below.  I have a furdaughter named Rei after Sailor Mars and more furkids named for other Sailor Moon characters, and of course I’ll always share Harry Potter!  This one called Expecto Patronum is another really dynamic image.  Check out the full version of each at the links!

I loved looking through Adam’s deviantart gallery where he has so many beautiful paintings, like this last one called Curtains of Twilight.  You can also follow him on social media at Instagram and Facebook, support him at his Patreon, or purchase some of his artwork at his Storenvy or Society6 shops.


Adam has also published two volumes of a graphic novel called Immortals on Amazon, and the third volume is scheduled for release this fall.  You can purchase the books or Kindle versions at those links, but he has also posted it online at Tapas.  It’s a really sweet story with great artwork so far, and his description reads:

In a tragic accident, Jared loses the love of his life, Elenie. But Jared doesn’t give up that easily — for him, bringing Elenie back from the dead is just another problem to be solved.

With the help of an old friend, Jared sets off to find Elenie in the messy world of the afterlife. Meanwhile, Elenie learns more about life after death — through her new job, she might just be able to find her way back to Jared.

Adam Scythe has certainly become one of my new favorite artists, and I’m glad I could share him with you!  And as promised, coming up later this week, I’ll be sharing a new dragon sculpture artist that I met at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival over the weekend, so be sure to check back for that!

Thanks as always for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
All artwork featured in this post is by Adam Scythe.
EclipseSpirits of the SkyBurning SkyDragon RideThe Inventor’s DragonSmaugShadow of the Dragon YouTube video, Sailor MarsSailor MoonExpecto Patronum, and Curtains of Twilight  

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