Dragons from the Parc de la Ciutadella, Barcelona, in the Wake of Tragedy

It has been a difficult week to write, as I’m sure you understand.  I am heartbroken for the victims and all the people of Barcelona, Spain, after yet another senseless terror attack there on Thursday, and that comes right on the heels of the neo-Nazi violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend.

But as I tried to figure out what I could possibly post, I discovered that there is a beautiful fountain decorated with dragons and other fanciful imagery in the Parc de la Ciutadella, just 1.5km from where the Barcelona tragedy occurred, and I thought I could honor the city by sharing it with you.

So here are some photos and images, my attempt to counteract the violence, brought to you by some amazing deviantartists.  First up is Water Dragon by U.K. physicist, photographer, and writer Roberto Alamino.  See more in his gallery.


Here is a panoramic view of the entire park, titled Fontaine du Parc de la Ciutadella, by French photographer Benjamin Mourot.  Click to see a larger image, and check out more panoramas in his gallery.


Here is another close up shot of the dragon sculptures called Winged Dragons by U.K. deviantartist Mark, posting as Mk-Photo.  Here is his gallery.


Next is a really lovely drawing of the park, called Parc de la Ciutadella Barcelona by French deviantartist Johann Leroux, posting as Ullcer.  Find more hand drawn art in his gallery.


This next one makes me think of the people who are the heart of Barcelona, and how no cowardly act of mayhem will be able to bring this proud city down.

This is The Roar of a Dragon by American professional artist Dan Yolles, posting as Hippiemon.  I almost used this as my featured image, but thought it might be too aggressive for the somber tone I wanted to set.  Let me know in the comments — did I make the right decision?


Up next is another view of the fountain, called Cascada Monumental, by Italian deviantartist ser1001.  See his gallery and check out the all his different folders for more.


Now another close up of some of the statues, here is Barcelona by Serbian deviantartist Verchee.  This closest one is certainly a gryphon, though I’m not sure what the lion-headed dragon-creature is, do you?  She has a lovely gallery here.


Here is another image of the whole fountain.  This is called Black Stairs by Italian photographer Mark, posting as balo0natic.  I thought the monotones were fitting, and also brought out the dragon sculptures.  He doesn’t have a gallery yet, but perhaps in the future?


And now another hand drawing, here is Beware the Dragons by Spanish deviantartist lyryca.  She has quite a nice gallery as well.


This next photograph of the entire fountain is called Quadriga de l’Aurora by Dutch photographer Alain Bettonviel, posting as dubbledude.  I believe the title is a reference to the three-arched brick monument at the center of the fountain.  You can read more about that and the fountain itself at the link, and also see more images of this amazing city in his Barcelona gallery.

Quadriga de l_Aurora by dubbledude

And finally, here is a simple, yet powerful image, called I Stand With Barcelona, by U.K. designer TMarsh-Connors, posting as BritanniaLoyalist.  See his gallery for more.


I know that even since I started composing this post on Thursday there have been other incidents of violence in the world, and that is terrible.  But I hope I’ve helped in some way by sharing some beautiful art.

Thank you for reading.  Please take care of yourself, and let’s all try a little harder to take care of each other as well.  We cannot let these terrorists, whose actions have no basis in any religion no matter what they claim, steal our humanity.  Hate cannot win.  ❤

Image credits:
Water Dragon by Roberto Alamino
Fontaine du Parc de la Ciutadella, by Benjamin Mourot
Winged Dragons by Mk-Photo
Parc de la Ciutadella Barcelona by Johann Leroux, posting as Ullcer
The Roar of a Dragon by Dan Yolles, posting as Hippiemon
Cascada Monumental, by ser1001
Barcelona by Verchee
Black Stairs by balo0natic
Beware the Dragons by lyryca
Quadriga de l’Aurora by Alain Bettonviel, posting as dubbledude
I Stand With Barcelona by TMarsh-Connors, posting as BritanniaLoyalist

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