The Sun by Taly Reznik


As people around the world continue to be affected by devastating extreme weather events, including Hurricanes Harvey, Katia, and Irma, the massive earthquake in Mexico, and deadly monsoons in Southeast Asia, I came across this piece called The Sun by Israeli professional artist Taly Reznik, posting as TrollGirl.  Her caption reads, “In the Tarot deck, the Sun card represents optimism, dawn after a dark night, purity of spirit, sometimes childbirth.  This is a very, very shiny dragon.”

It is shiny, and a nice, hopeful image for this week.  Taly is a very talented and prolific artist, and I will definitely have to feature her again to share more of her lovely dragons and fantasy art!  But for now, to further help brighten your weekend, check out these beautiful tattoo designs from her Flower Fairy Dragons series.  Up first is her Fuchsia Fairy Dragon.


Next is the Red Rose Fairy Dragon.  I really like how Taly has incorporated the flowers into the design of the dragons themselves, especially these rose petal wings.


Next is her Sakura Fairy Dragon — she seems to really like these pink watercolors!  This little dragon would be well camouflaged in its sakura tree!


For more sunshine, here is her Sunflower Fairy Dragon.  She captions it, “This dragon is larger than most of the others, and a little lionish.”  I love how bright it is!


Here is the first Flower Fairy Dragon that she did, the Pink Lily Fairy Dragon.  It’s a beautiful flower, and a beautiful dragon!


And finally, I’ve saved the best for last, the Bird of Paradise Fairy Dragon.  Taly captions, “Bird of Paradise is one of my favorite flowers.  Cause it’s weird like me.”  I love the dynamic colors and lines!



You can find more of Taly’s work in her deviantart gallery, and also follow her on Facebook at The Art of Taly Reznik.  She’s on Tumblr at TrollWorks, at FurAffinity, and on another art site called Weasyl.  You can also purchase Taly’s awesome art and jewelry, which I’ll have to feature in another post, at her Etsy shop called TrollWorx.  You really have to check her out!

I hope everyone stays safe this weekend, and I wish everyone the best!  Thanks for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
All art in this post is by Taly Reznik, posting as TrollGirl
The SunFuchsia Fairy DragonRed Rose Fairy DragonSakura Fairy DragonSunflower Fairy DragonPink Lily Fairy DragonBird of Paradise Fairy Dragon  

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