Plotting by Tikall, and progress!


Here is an awesome piece called Plotting by American deviantartist Tikall, a commissioned design for a Flight Rising dragon that is perfectly appropriate for my writing mood this week!

I’ve been making tons of progress on the plotting, planning, and pre-writing of my daily April 2017 AtoZ Challenge posts, and the more they come together, the better my overall theme is refining itself.  Stay tuned for more details as March marches on, especially my official Theme Announcement in just over two weeks!

Next up is another of Tikall’s Flight Rising commissioned designs, this time of an Imperial dragon, called The Storm.  I really dig the sunset colors in this piece, and I’m feeling a little bit on top of the world myself as I really get back into serious blogging.


This week’s post is going to be short so I can go put the finishing touches on my “B” posting, and then heading to a game night with friends to (hopefully) finish our Pandemic Legacy game, so last but not least, here is a super cute commission of a Flight Rising “guardian/fae pair” of Love Birds.


Be sure to check out Tikall’s deviantart gallery for more dragons and other fantastic creatures, as I get back to work before a weekend full of plans.  I hope you have a great weekend as well — take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Plotting by Tikall

The Storm by Tikall
Love Birds by Tikall

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