Teacup Dragon by Tamara Rouwendal


Look at this adorableness!  A dragon, a cat, and tea — all of my favorite things!  This is Teacup Dragon painted by Dutch deviantartist Tamara Rouwendal, posting as TamaraR.

Tamara created this artwork in collaboration with a friend of hers, American deviantartist and writer Darin LaGarry, posting as C1nderellaMan.  Darin created a story and combined it with Tamera’s art to create this beautiful finished piece below, which Darin calls “an excerpt from a very old witches journal (probably found in the attic of some old house), telling the story of a tea dragon that was created as a result of a failed oriental tea experiment.”

Here is The Tea Dragon, with story and font by Darin, and layout and design by Tamara:


Be sure to click on the link if you can’t read the story, it’s really cute.

That’s it for me today, as I’m off to plot and write the next chapter of the Neeka Story for tomorrow’s Discover Challenge post — let’s hope the writing goes as well as it did last week!  Tune in tomorrow to find out, thanks for reading, and as always, stay creative!

Image credits:
Teacup Dragon by Tamara Rouwendal

The Tea Dragon by Darin LaGarry and Tamara Rouwendal

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