Wounded Dragon by Gilang Andrian


I’m still on track with my once-a-week posts if I get this in by midnight, so let me present some awesome artwork starting with Wounded Dragon by Singaporean professional artist Gilang Andrian.  It’s not a style of dragon I usually prefer, but this big baby looks so cute getting bandaged up, and not one, but two of my furdaughters were rushed to the vet in separate incidents a few days apart this week, so it was perfect!

First, my youngest baby managed to knock something over on herself in the middle of the night while roughhousing with her brother and bothering the older kids, but when we went to investigate the crash, they all appeared fine — it wasn’t until the morning when she was crying and limping that we freaked out and thought she’d broken her leg.  Thankfully, the vet said it was just a “soft tissue injury,” and now she’s on pain meds and as much bed rest as we can wrangle a kitten into, and she’s doing much better already.


Then a few days later, my oldest daughter gave us a scare when she threw up a little bit of blood, so it was another freakout and race to the vet, even though she didn’t seem sick in any other way.  Once again, we were relieved when a full examination revealed she was doing fine (great, in fact, for being 16), but blood is always an emergency and we were right to bring her in anyway.  She got some fluids and her own pain meds to help with her arthritis, and home we went.

Anyway, now that I’ve regaled you with furkid stories, back to the dragon art!  Gilang has lots of wonderful pieces and some amazing dragons, like this next one called Elder Dragon, which she captions as “a witch tutors her baby dragon how to hunt like a boss.”


And finally, here’s one last piece called Tamed Dragon.  I’m pretty sure this is the same dragon from the first painting, perhaps at an earlier meeting?  I really like the level of detail in all of Gilang’s artwork, and I wonder what type of little stand this dragon is perched on — is it a fly-through coffee shop, perhaps?  🙂


You can find more of Gilang’s work at her deviantart gallery and official website, and also check out her Twitter and Facebook pages — which is where I discovered that she’s currently playing Pokemon Sun for Nintendo 3DS!  I’m obsessing over it’s companion game Pokemon Moon right now, so I adore the Pokemon-inspired art featured on her Facebook that you should really check out.

All right, that’s it for me, and I’ll try not to get down to the wire on next week’s post, I promise!  Thanks as always for reading, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Wounded Dragon by Gilang Andrian

Elder Dragon by Gilang Andrian
Tamed Dragon by Gilang Andrian
Kitten picture by me!

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