Sausage for the Sitting Dragon by Andy Fairhurst


It’s snowing quite a lot here in Minnesota today, which has inspired me to share Sausage for the Sitting Dragon by U.K. professional artist Andy Fairhurst.  I really love this piece, but it’s even better because this is a subject that Andy has revisited more than once.

He has a short series of paintings featuring this pair in his gallery, and this next is called The Boy And His Dragon, featuring them “when his dragon was a lot younger…they do grow up fast, do dragons,” Andy quips in his caption.


Finally, here is another painting of the pair, and this time the boy is Fishing On The Drinking Dragon.  Andy mentioned in the caption of one of these images that he might like to turn this series into a children’s picture book, which I think would make an amazing project.


Finally, here’s the last in this series called Splishing With The Splashing Dragon:


I first shared Andy’s work back on October 12, so check out that link for more of his dragons, and he has so many other great works in his gallery, including images he’s done for a series of licensed Disney Theme Park Collectible Tickets, an adorable Superhero Kids series, and even more dragons that I’m sure I’ll share another time.

You can follow Andy Fairhurst at his official website, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter, and you can purchase his work at his Society6 shop.

Thanks for reading — I’m really glad to be back!  Take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
Sausage for the Sitting Dragon by Andy Fairhurst
The Boy And His Dragon by Andy Fairhurst
Fishing On The Drinking Dragon by Andy Fairhurst
Splishing With The Splashing Dragon by Andy Fairhurst

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