Smaug the Magnificent by Andy Fairhurst


Today I’m on time again, finally!  And I get to share the work of an incredible English professional artist named Andy Fairhurst, starting with this beautiful image of Smaug the Magnificent, inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit.  While Benedict Cumberbatch as Smaug was about the only thing I liked about the recent movies, I think I rather prefer Andy’s vision of this great beast.  And as the artist himself explains:

No he isn’t perched upon the Lonely Mountain just in case any Hobbit experts point that out, it is just some rocky rock thing. …

P.S For those who haven’t read the book, Smaug had a belly encrusted with treasure which made him indestructible, or so he thought, because on his left breast was a bare patch which became his Achilles heel. Bard the Bowman shot an arrow at this patch and killed the cocky dragon. So the jewels on his chest/belly are not my idea; Smaug wouldn’t be Smaug without them.

I think that, because I’m trying to get my writer’s groove back, I have lately been drawn to artists who know how to tell a story, whether in a single image, or with their captions, and I think Andy fits this bill quite to a tee.  This next image is called Welsh Flag – The Red Dragon:


In the caption for this image, Andy dives in to the nationalistic divide between the English and the Welsh, as he dedicates the image to his Welsh stepson, son, and daughter:

The irony of this [painting] is that I am English and I have noticed this being used in banners and as avatars by English haters (I’m not talking about proud Welsh folk). To those people, while I cannot stop your hatred of English people, just bear in mind that an English guy did this painting before you use it. 🙂

I myself am not versed in the divisions amongst people in the U.K. but I know it can be a touchy subject, which is why I’m always referring to “U.K. artists” unless I can verify through their profile or comments where they place themselves.

And finally, here is another image wherein Andy paints a picture worth a thousand words.  This is called Drag Race, and he is quick to point out in his caption that “the knight isn’t dinner, he is the race starter.”


Wouldn’t that just be something to see?  I’ve become a huge fan of Andy’s work since discovering him today and have already planned another post with his work, so stay tuned for that.  Meanwhile, you can check out the rest of his gallery, visit his official website, or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also purchase some of Andy’s amazing art from his Society6 shop.  He’s done a series of dozens of Superhero Kids that you can get on a shower curtain, among many other things, so go check it out! 🙂

Thank you, as always, for reading and sticking with me, and welcome to any newcomers too, of course.  This daily blogging adventure I started on at the beginning of 2016 has now surpassed 300 posts, which is ridiculous!  But it is still very rewarding and I’m determined to see it through for the entire year at the very, very least, which means there will be dragons through December, have no fear.

Stay creative!

Image credits:
Smaug the Magnificent by Andy Fairhurst

Welsh Flag – The Red Dragon by Andy Fairhurst
Drag Race by Andy Fairhurst

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