Bi Pride Skydancer (FR) by Johayna474 for National Coming Out Day


A day late and a dragon short… but I found these really cute Flight Rising dragon designs for National Coming Out Day on October 11, and still had to share.  This first one is called Bi Pride Skydancer by Ameican deviantartist Johayna474.  That one’s for my own coming out, which I did about nineteen years ago (wow!), and this next one represents my wonderful husband.  This is Johayna’s Straight Ally Mirror dragon:


And finally, here is Johayna’s Gay/Lesbian Pride Wildclaw dragon:


You can find more of this artist’s LGBTQ+ Flight Rising dragons in her gallery, as well as the rest of her artwork, some of which is decidely weird (but certainly interesting).  Thanks for reading, and happy National Coming Out Day to everyone!

Image credits:
Bi Pride Skydancer by Johayna474

Straight Ally Mirror by Johayna474
Gay/Lesbian Pride Wildclaw by Johayna474

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