Mega Charizard Ukiyo-e Style by Lisa Rye


Wow, what a Monday!  I know it isn’t appearing this way in my feed (cuz I’m sneaky), but savvy readers will notice that this is my fourth post of the day, to catch up from slacking off this weekend.  Of course, part of that was playing Pokemon, so here is an awesome image called Mega Charizard Ukiyo-e Style by Australian deviantartist Lisa Rye, posting as Risachantag.  Lisa says that while there’s a lot of Pokemon (and Charizard) fanart out there, she wanted to “approach this one more like a traditional Japanese obake/monster ukiyo-e painting,” and you can find more about that art style at the link.

Next up is a great piece called Hydrangea, a wonderful play on words with art that I just love.  Lisa says that this was a commission for a convention with a theme of “Stranger than Fiction,” and the idea sparked a whole series she’s working on called Science and Dragons, more of which you can find in her gallery.


Lisa’s description is wonderful:

Hydrangea – One of the oddest examples from the genus, Dracomagnoliophyta. It goes without saying that hydration, exposure to sunlight and a regular supply of insects is key to the health of this species.

Finally, here is Ancient Dragons, which Lisa says “started off as a cloud study, but I added some pterosaur-inspired dragons for fun.”  Those stained-glass window wings are so lovely!  I wonder if I can incorporate them into the ever-changing design of the dragons in my novel…


All right, that’s it for Monday, and now I’m all caught up!  Thanks for reading everyone, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Mega Charizard Ukiyo-e Style by Lisa Rye
Hydrangea by Lisa Rye
Ancient Dragons by Lisa Rye

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