Urnes Dragon Plate by Thorskegga Thorn


On Sunday Night Football, my beloved Green Bay Packers played our hated rival, the Minnesota Vikings.  That inspired me to find some Viking art, and U.K. deviantartist Thorskegga Thorn certainly delivered!  Above is a pyrography called Urnes Dragon Plate, “loosely based on the Urnes style of Viking Art with a dash of Ringerike,” according to the artist.  I really like how the burning has brought out the wood grain in the darker sections, highlighting the lighter, intricately detailed parts that much more.

Next up is an Urnes Dragon Drum, with a bone rattle in the image also.  I love the authenticity of Thorskegga’s work, even though she says that she “scribbled this without reference to any historical designs.”  It’s still great!


And finally, here is a small cross-stitch embroidery, part of a larger sampler (a series of related designs in one large image), showing Thor’s Hammer and Dragons.  I’ve done quite a bit of cross stitch in the past (and always say I’m going to pick it up again in the future), and I really love this design!  You can find more authentic Viking designs in Thorskegga’s gallery, and I highly recommend a look.


So, even though I’m sad that my Packers lost to the Vikings, it was the first regular-season game in the Vikings’ brand new U.S. Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis, and I guess I would have felt bad if we’d taken that christening honor away from them.  And our team didn’t play that well, with way too many fumbles, while the new Viking’s quarterback looked like a star, so congrats to them, I suppose.

There’s always next week, and besides, I know my Packers will make the playoffs at the end of the season… my Vikings fan friends can’t be so sure!

Take care and stay creative (and thanks for not mentioning how late this post was!).

Image credits:
Urnes Dragon Plate by Thorskegga Thorn
Urnes Dragon Drum by Thorskegga Thorn
Thor’s Hammer and Dragons by Thorskegga Thorn

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