Charizard by MelissaR1


Today is a day all about Pokemon hunting, so here is Charizard by American deviantartist Melissa, posting as MelissaR1.  (And yes, a Charizard isn’t technically a dragon-type, but it should be.)

My friends and I started the day wandering around a big park where lots of people go to catch Pokemon, with tons of Pokestops with lures up, and we caught some good stuff!  It’s a big fancy shopping area with a man-made lake with paddle boats and mini golf, which we’ll be back for at some point.

Now, we’re having a cook out and board games while we recharge all of our phones, in order to have enough battery to take part in the Gotta Drink ‘Em All pub crawl in downtown Minneapolis tonight.  The venues have created Pokemon-themed drinks, and being right in the heart of downtown means there are Pokestops everywhere.

Melissa has created loads more Pokemon fanart and you can check out her galleries to see them all; in fact, she’s working her way through the whole Pokedex, and she’s up to Dugtrio at #51.  It was hard to choose just two more of her designs, but I took a vote of my friends and they liked these next two the best.  So here is a picture of all the Gen 1-5 Pokemon Starters:


I’ve always chosen the fire starter Pokemon, including Tepig (the orange and brown pig at the bottom right, which my husband named BoomBoom), but as I’ve mentioned before, for some reason in Pokemon Go I chose to start with Squirtle.  I’ve since caught a Charmander and a bunch of Bulbasaurs so I’ve got the full set.

Next up, here is an adorable picture Melisssa did of the three legendary Pokemon birds, Zapdos, Articuno, and Moltres, called 3 Little Birds:


They’re so cute!  All right, it’s difficult to write this post while playing Codenames, so I’ll sign off, thanks for reading and stay creative!

Image credits:
Charizard by MelissaR1
Pokemon Starters by MelissaR1
3 Little Birds by Melissa R1

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