Kyurem, the Ice Dragon by Sabine van Apeldoorn


Okay, I’ll admit it — Pokemon Go is absolutely delaying the next chapter of Neeka’s Story, although I do keep trying to work on it, I promise!  Maybe tomorrow will be more productive.  For tonight, enjoy Kyurem, the Ice Dragon, by French professional artist Sabine van Apeldoorn, posting as Sa-chan130.

Kyurem is a legendary Pokemon from the Unova region, the setting of the Pokemon X and Y games.  I’m very bad at finishing Pokemon games, so I never got to see Kyurem myself, but I really like this art!

Sabine has done other Pokemon art as well, like this one of a Shiny Charizard (“Shiny” Pokemon are special variations of regular Pokemon that occur only very rarely in the wild, are difficult to catch, and have an alternate color scheme).


Finally tonight, here is one more of Sabine’s Dragon-type Pokemon images, called Haxorus Portrait:


I certainly wouldn’t want to face one of these dinosaur-like Pokemon in real life! 🙂

I also realized tonight that I didn’t have any sort of Writing Thoughts post this week, but once again, I’m going to chalk that up to Pokemon Go (since yesterday’s post should have been something about writing, but was instead about my new obsession).  But hopefully soon I’ll figure out the Pokemon/Life balance thing — but until then, thanks for reading, take care, stay creative and have fun, and GO BLUE TEAM! 🙂

Image credits:
Kyurem, the Ice Dragon by Sabine van Apeldoorn
Shiny Charizard by Sabine van Apeldoorn
Haxorus Portrait by Sabine van Apeldoorn

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