Dragon Song by Kei Acedera of Imaginism Studios


Check out this adorable scene called Dragon Song by Canadian professional artist Kei Acedera, the co-founder of Imaginism Studios.  Kei writes that this is “the story is about a dragon that rescues the princess from her horrible prince and the two become the best of friends and live happily ever after…”  I love it when the trope is turned upside down, and they both look so happy!

This is another catch-up post, so let’s just get on with more of Kei’s awesome artwork, shall we?  Most of these pieces are from Imaginism Studios’ sold-out art book Dragon Sketches, including this one called Blue Tongue Battle — so cute!


And then for a more modern take, here are “some fun little Robot Dragons painted with Gouache and Pencil crayon on black paper.”  Most of Kei’s pieces are labeled gouache, which is “a method of painting using opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with a gluelike substance,” in case you were curious like me!  These are pretty cute, and I wonder what the little heart and lightning bolt might indicate?  Wait… are these new Pokemon? 😉


I just love the design of the dragons in this next piece, and they remind me so much of two of my furkids and their begrudging acceptance of each other when they’re both sleeping near the baseboard heater.  🙂  This one is an ink drawing called Neighbours, and I really want to purchase a print to give to a close neighbor someday!


This one is called Dragon Studies, just sketches of different dragon heads, which I thought was interesting — and then my husband pointed out the very non-dragon head in the picture, which I hadn’t even noticed right away, do you see it?  O.O  A few of Kei’s fans commented that the colored dragon on the right seems a little paranoid, right?  They’ve all got such great expressions!


And finally, I couldn’t help but laugh at this little chicken-legged dragon chasing a chick called The Chase.  Kei captions it, “I like the little chicken… heeheehee… go little guy go!”  It’s amazing to me how so much movement can be captured in a still image.


Kei Acedera shares the deviantart page for imaginism with fellow co-founder Bobby Chiu, and you can find more of their great art in their gallery.  You can also check out their awesome website at Imaginism Studios — on a desktop (it doesn’t work as well on mobile), scroll down to watch the images come to life!  There you can also check out their blog of great posts about art creation and inspiration.  Finally, check out their online art school called schoolism if you’re looking to hone your art craft!

With this art feature post, I’m finally caught up again with my weekly posts — as long as I get this week’s actual post out on time, that is!  As I mentioned before, there will be a monthly multi-artist birthstone feature, and I’m also going to do a regular writing thoughts post, while leaving the other two weeks open for art features like this.

I’ve got a new weekly planning calendar to set milestones for my novel progress as well as keep my posts on track.  Last week’s milestone was to start on the milestone calendar, so that’s in the bag!  This week, I’ll hopefully have my first few months planned out, then we’ll see how well I can stick to it.  Wish me luck!

One last note — did you catch the amazing Opening Ceremonies at the 2018 Olympics over the weekend?  I loved the white puppets, especially the awesome dragon, and you can read more about them and the artist that brought them to life in Sara Roffino‘s article Meet the Brooklyn Puppet Designer Behind the Fantastical Olympics Opening Ceremony at artnet news.

Olympics 2018 Dragon Puppet by Nicholas Mahon (Detail)

All right, that’s it for this post, but if all goes well I’ll have another out by the end of the week.  Stay tuned!  And as always, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
All dragon paintings in this post are by Kei Acedera of Imaginism Studios
+ Dragon SongBlue Tongue BattleRobot DragonsNeighboursDragon Studies, and The Chase
+ Dragon Puppet from 2018 Olympics Opening Ceremonies by Nicholas Mahon, image from article by Sara Roffino about the artist’s work, Meet the Brooklyn Puppet Designer Behind the Fantastical Olympics Opening Ceremony at artnet news

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