Pathfinder White Dragon Pyrography by Chris Katt


We played Pathfinder again today, so I found this lovely Pathfinder White Dragon by American professional artist Christopher Katt, a wood burning (called pyrography) created on a 5″ square piece of birch wood.  This is a really interesting art style, and I can’t believe the kind of detail Chris has created on such a small canvas!

Chris also does lovely work with granite etching — this next image is called Dungeon Creeper, done on a one foot square piece of smooth black granite.


Tonight in our Pathfinder campaign, we fought a bunch of giants, but luckily we didn’t have to face the Red Dragon that kicked my butt last time we played.  We did go up another level (now I’m a level 13 Starsoul Sorceress with a bonus level of Oracle for access to divine spells), so the next time we find the dragon, I think I’ll have the right spells to do some major damage.

Here’s one last image from Chris, another pyrograph called Pathfinder Blue Dragon.  Chris mentions on his page that he thinks he’ll do a full set of these, and I hope he does so I can share them!


Be sure to check out more of Chris’s awesome gallery, and you can also follow him on Facebook at Katt’s Custom Artistry, and at his newer page Christopher Katt Fine Art.

If you’re an American football fan and have an NFL team playing their first game tomorrow, I wish your team all the best — except, of course, the for Jacksonville Jaguars, who my beloved Green Bay Packers are playing!  Thanks for reading everyone, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Pathfinder White Dragon -Pyro by Christopher Katt

Dungeon Creeper – FINAL by Christopher Katt
Pathfinder Blue Dragon – Pyro by Christopher Katt

2 thoughts on “Pathfinder White Dragon Pyrography by Chris Katt

  1. Thanks Chris! Last year when I started this blogging thing, I didn’t think to notify the artists I was featuring, but I’m doing that now and also working my way back through my archives to do so — I’m glad you liked the post, and thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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