Dragon by Cleyton Oliveira


Happy Friday all!  I don’t know about you, but after a short work week because of the American Labor Day holiday, I was climbing the walls and couldn’t WAIT for the end of the day!  And I found the perfect dragon.  This amazing Dragon sculpture is by Brazilian professional artist Cleyton Oliveira.  This is one of many work-in-progress images from Cleyton’s gallery, as is this next Dragon:


And here is the finished product!  I don’t know where Cleyton displayed this awesome Dragon, but I wish I had the chance to see it in person.  Check out the rest of his gallery for more images of not just this dragon, but many more interesting sculpture pieces by Cleyton, they’re very cool.


Work is done, so I’m off to enjoy my Friday night, maybe do some karaoke, absolutely do some Pokemon hunting with my husband… I’m level 27 and only 11 Pokemon away from completing the 142 North American Pokedex, after getting super lucky yesterday when a Porygon just showed up where I happened to be!  Take care and stay creative, everyone!

Image credits:
Dragon by Cleyton Oliveira

Dragon 6 by Cleyton Oliveira
Dragon by Cleyton Oliveira

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