Dragon Tower Cake by Puppygrenade


All right, I had a sudden change of plans for today’s post, so this might be short, but I’ve got a birthday party to attend tonight!  So in honor of one of my best friend’s birthdays, here is Dragon Tower Cake by American professional artist Jacob Elijah, aka Oh! Oozi, and posting as Puppygrenade.  This is an amazing cake!  As Jacob says:

Yeeep. It’s all food. Foods! Fondant, gumpaste and Chocolate cake. Yums.

Well mostly, It does have a simple metal armature built into the dragon. You have to support a fat dragon with a two foot wingspan with something. I had to use all my art skills to create this thing: Sculpting, painting, wood working, sketching and eating. And, yeah, Eating gumpaste swords is definitely an art.

It was a surprise gift for my Moms birthday. She was happy. She better be… it took 22 hours of work to complete.

I can’t believe the artistry involved in the creation of something like this!  Jacob also created a “making of” image, so you can see how it progressed at each step.  It’s really worth checking out.

I’ve got two more cakes from the super talented Jacob to share.  This next one is a  Zombie Friends Cake that looks pretty terrifying!


Jacob says he designed this Zombie Cake as “a bunch of my friends as zombies trying to kill the birthday boy.”  There are so many more cool details than the three that Jacob’s photo highlights, so you really have to zoom in to the full cake image to take them all in.

And finally, here is another cake that (like the dragon above) looks too top heavy to stand, but it somehow works just fine thanks to Jacob’s expertise!   This is the Witch House Cake:


Jacob writes, “As the witch leaves her hidden swamp home, she casts a spell that brings it to life. Protecting her valuable magical items from the curious creatures of the world.”  I feel like this could be an image right out of our Pathfinder RPG campaign!

Be sure to check out more of Jacob’s art and cakes at his gallery, but that does it for me tonight — take care and stay creative all!

Image credits:
Dragon Tower Cake by Puppygrenade
Zombie Friends Cake by Puppygrenade
Witch House Cake by Puppygrenade

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