Three Chocolate Dragons for International Chocolate Day


According to the New York Daily News, today is International Chocolate Day, in honor of the birthday of American confectionist Milton S. Hershey, founder of the famous Hershey’s chocolate company.  In that spirit, today I’m sharing a couple of chocolate dragons, starting with this Kawaii Chocolate Dragon by American deviantartist KBelleC.  It’s so tiny and kawaii! You can see more of Belle’s work, including her awesomely geeky chibi jewelery, in her gallery.

Sadly, that one is just a necklace pendant, and not real chocolate.  This next one, however, is real and edible!  This is a Chocolate Dragon that fellow blogger Barbara Ann (aka Xerraire) found at the Perth, Australia Royal Show in 2015.  You can see lots of other amazing cakes in Barbara’s post, but don’t blame me if you get hungry!


And finally, another statuette that’s not edible, but is so cute you almost want to eat them up.  This is Sweet Treats Chocolate Kiss Dragons by Liz at Lizzard Designs, and while she doesn’t seem to be posting anything new lately, you can still check out her adorable and geeky creations in her gallery as well.


Lunchtime is the perfect time for this post, since now I can go track down some chocolate for myself!  Thanks for reading everyone, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Kawaii Chocolate Dragon by KBelleC
Chocolate Dragon by Madeliene Read, photo by Barbara Ann
Sweet Treats Chocolate Kiss Dragons by Lizzard Designs

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