Bride and Groom Dragons by Shemychan


In honor of my sister’s wedding today, I found this beautifully sculpted piece called Wedding Cake Topper: Bride and Groom Dragons by American deviantartist Shemychan.  She also has a StorEnvy shop and an Etsy shop, both called Midnight Reflections, where she sells this and other adorable sculpted pieces and jewelry.

On her deviantart page, she describes this piece in detail:

Custom order wedding cake topper. Standing dragons, nuzzling, with tails curled into a heart shape. Bride dragon has Swarovski crystal spines, wire formed removable headdress/tiara, and a bouquet of flowers. Groom dragon has sculpted spines, waist coat with Swarovski crystal buttons and cravat.

I would have loved to have had this for my wedding!  In fact, really, I would have liked to have had any cake topper for my wedding… since our bakery completely forgot to bring ours with them when they delivered our cake for our reception. sigh

Here are some pictures of what was still our beautiful wedding cake.  I asked them to match the decoration to the invitations and all the other paperwork I created for the wedding (the menus, the table tents,  etc.), which they did, except for the cursive names, and I don’t blame them for that, the font I picked was quite detailed!

The three tiers of the cake were three different flavors, although I can’t for the life of me remember what they were right now.  🙂  All I know is that it was delicious, even if it looked a little sparse.

I think those dragons would have looked perfect atop this cake, don’t you?  But this topper here, which I just pulled out of the curio cabinet to photograph, would also have looked pretty.

Cake Topper (that was missing)

Ah well.  My husband and I were married almost seven years ago, and I have to say, the missing cake topper was pretty much the only mishap we had on an otherwise perfect day, so I can’t complain too much.  I’m writing this post early (go me!) so I can’t say whether my sister’s wedding will go off so smoothly, but I hope it does!

But hmm… maybe I should bring this cake topper with me, just in case… 😉

Stay creative everyone!

Image credits:
Wedding Cake Topper: Bride and Groom Dragons by Shemychan

Photos of our wedding by our photographer, and our topper by me!

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