Puff by Jared Dahlheimer


This is Puff, as in Puff the Magic Dragon, by American deviantartist Jared Dahlheimer, posting as Jarad1481.  Having this version of Puff as an imaginary (or was he?) friend would have been amazing as a child.

I found this piece of art while I was looking for images of Puff for the letter P during last month’s AtoZ Challenge, and while I went with another amazing version, I kept this guy to share because the detailing is so amazing.

Jared has other great dragons in his gallery, like this Sea Dragon:


And this beautiful dragon and background in this painting called Endless View, that he did for his girlfriend:


But it turns out,  Jared’s real passion is for tattoo art.  His last deviantart journal entry from 2013 mentions that he was apprenticing at a tattoo parlor, and now most of his latest art pictures are of tattoos that (I assume) he’s done since.  Anyway, check him out if you’re interested in more great art like this!  Stay creative everyone!

Image credits:
Puff by Jared Dahlheimer

Sea Dragon by Jared Dahlheimer
Endless View by Jared Dahlheimer

2 thoughts on “Puff by Jared Dahlheimer

    • Oh, you’re welcome Jared! I’ve been trying to go through my archives to send a note to each artist, letting them know I’ve featured them (which I didn’t think of doing until way too late, my bad!), but there are lots of posts, so I’m glad you found it even before I had a chance to get to you! 😁 Love your work!


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