P is for Puff, the Magic Dragon by Emma K.

puff__the_magic_dragon_by_lupus89 (detail)

A childhood memory for today’s A to Z Challenge!

Today we have:


P is for Puff, the Magic Dragon

The image above is only one small part of today’s amazing artwork (see below), an illustration of the lyrics to the song Puff, the Magic Dragon by an artist who signed the work as “Emma K.”  I found this posted on a seemingly defunct deviantart site for Lupus89, and I’m sorry to say the site is mostly empty.  Only her “scraps” gallery still has any images, which is really unfortunate, since all of the artwork that’s left is just beautiful.

Here is the entire image.  I actually got a bit misty reading the lyrics and seeing the images together there at the end!


While the original Puff the Magic Dragon song is by Peter, Paul, and Mary, my favorite version is by the Irish Rovers.  When I was little, I wore out a cassette tape of theirs called “Children of the Unicorn,” which includes Puff the Magic DragonThe Unicorn Song, Snoopy vs. the Red Baron, and other children’s tunes that, through the magic of the internet, you can listen to at those links.  The CD and LP are really hard to find now, sadly, but someday I’d love to get a copy again.


Here is the Puff the Magic Dragon song as a YouTube video made by Margriet Askew.  I’ll admit, the graphics aren’t especially to my liking, but she has the lyrics onscreen as well if you’d like to sing along.

I hope you enjoyed the tune — maybe it brought back some memories for you as well?  While I was looking for an image for today, I found many more wonderful interpretations of Puff, from the fanciful to the realistic, so expect to see a few more sometime after this crazy April challenge is over.  🙂

Thanks for reading, stay creative!

Image credits:
Puff the Magic Dragon by Emma K.
Children of the Unicorn album cover
Puff the Magic Dragon by the Irish Rovers, video by Margriet Askew

12 thoughts on “P is for Puff, the Magic Dragon by Emma K.

    • Me too, on both counts! I think she’s really talented and think more people should see her art. I like the boat picture — I got a distinctly “Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker” feel from it!


    • Holy buckets! I checked it out for a minute but haven’t watched it all yet — but the year on that is ’78, and I was born in ’79, but I still think I DO remember seeing this at some point! Thanks in return for the link, I will certainly watch all 24 min. of it later! O.O

      Liked by 1 person

  1. It does bring back memories. I used to cry and cry to this song as a child. Have tears in my eyes now. I loved Puff the magic dragon and I used to state quite firmly that I would never have gone away from him. lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree! Who would willingly give up a dragon friend? It boggles the mind. And even if you take the “imaginary friend” interpretation – as a writer, I still talk to my imaginary friends every day! 😉


    • You know what I just remembered? Like I said, I couldn’t fathom how someone could willingly give up a dragon friend when I was little, so I always had the headcanon that Jackie Paper died from a terminal illness. O.o; Some kids song, huh? *goes off to cry again*


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