AtoZ: O is for Oceans of Life by ShadowedLight


Week three of the A to Z Challenge!

Today we have:


O is for Oceans of Life Dragon

Here is Oceans of Life, a piece I found on American deviantartist Jessica Headley’s old site under the name ShadowedLight.  You can now find her at her new page under the name Aria-Siaosi.  She has lots of great artwork (dragon and otherwise) up at both sites, so I recommend checking them out!

I love the detail in the face and fringe, and how the wings curve like waves in this drawing.  This summer my husband and I are planning another trip to Florida to see the ocean once again — living in Minnesota, the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” we’re no strangers to water, but there’s just something so different and magical about the ocean.

I’m really excited for the trip, but it takes so much planning!  Not to mention saving every dime to go to our trip fund.  But it will be worth it, I think.  Last time I saw the ocean it was in California, where we saw a bunch of sea lions up close and personal beneath a large pier.

In Florida, I’m hoping we see dolphins again.  And speaking of, here’s another piece by Jessica that she says she did for a school art project called Dolphins — just keeping with my ocean theme.


Thanks for reading, stay creative!

Image credits:
Ocean of Life by Jessica Headley
Art project Dolphins by Jessica Headley



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