IRS Dragon, artist unknown

IRS Dragon1

I’m always surprised what I can find with a Google image search, and today is no exception.  Here we have the fearsome I.R.S. Dragon, a fearsome beast that we Americans must face every spring.  (I.R.S. stands for Internal Revenue Service, for my non-U.S. readers.)

Tax day is usually April 15th (which was Friday), but that was a federal holiday in our nation’s capital, so we get an extra few days this year.  Tomorrow, April 18th, is the final day to file your taxes, and as I am a devout procrastinator, I have of course waited until the last minute myself.  But the forms are in the mail now, promise!

I found this dragon on a tax help site for a business located in California, with the odd name of “Orange County Tax Help, IRS Problems Resolution, Back Taxes, & Debt Settlement, Inc.”  I suppose that’s a fine, descriptive name, but then I realized, that’s also their website address.  Seriously, the whole name, written out:  I found it funny, anyhow.

The dragon is on their Audit Help page as above, and then on another more specific audit page as below, attacking the poor taxpayers.  I wasn’t able to find any information on the artist — my guess is the service either hired someone to create the graphic, or they had someone in-house do it.  I wish I could credit them — I mean, I’ve never seen a dragon in a dress shirt and tie, and this guy’s pretty amazing!

Tax Dragon

All right, enjoy your Sunday everyone, thanks for reading and remember to stop back tomorrow for the next letter in the A to Z Challenge!

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