Party Dragon by IsilanaRith



I’m having a slightly belated birthday party today, so in honor of that, here is Party Dragon by American deviantartist IsilanaRith!

I love the festive colors and streamers, and I have to say, it’s pretty interesting that this dragon has a lot of cat-like features, since come Monday, I might be making a fun and personal cat-related announcement…. 🙂

But getting back to my party — first we’re going to see the newly-released movie Now You See Me 2,  about a group of professional magicians called The Horsemen, and also starring Dan Radcliff (of Harry Potter fame, of course) as one of the antagonists, and I’m really excited!

Then we’re all going to dinner, and then back to a friend’s house for board games and cake to round out the evening.  I’m really looking forward to hanging out with all my friends, even though we did just see each other for Memorial Day weekend.  But today, it’s all about ME!  *grin*

Thanks for reading, stay creative!

Image credit:
Party Dragon by IsilanaRith

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