Crimson Dragon Feather Pen by ChaeyAhne SilverFox


I have been hard at work writing the latest chapters of the Neeka Story, although they’re not quite finished and ready to post yet, so in the spirit of writing, here we have a beautiful quill pen with a dragon decoration instead.  This is Crimson Dragon Feather Pen by American creator ChaeyAhne SilverFox.

Her fabulous description:

This is a feather quill pen I crafted out of a Crimson Red Turkey Quill with soft & floofy ebony black ostrich plume backing. It has a reclaimed black mink base wrap with a bronze leather & wire wrapped shaft, gold-plated ferrule (which allows for the inter-change of writing nibs), and a vintage 14k gold nib. I painted the Crimson Dragon in shades of red, gold, and black and added a Chinese coin for luck :) & ribbon accent with Czech glass accents.

I love the “floofy” ostrich plume backing as well as every other part of this amazing handcrafted pen.  This one sold, according to her posting, but while I came across this image through her deviantart site, ChaeyAhne also has an online shop called Enchanted Quills where you can browse and purchase more of her quills, as well as jewelry, incense packs, dreamcatchers, and other beautiful creations.

This was another of my favorite quills, called Spirit of the Trees:

Spirit of the Trees pen by ChaeyAhne SiverFox

Crafted in from a naturally molted macaw quill, with accents of peafowl feathering, enhanced by a lovely embossed brass finding & crystals. Equipped with a custom silver ferrule which will allow for the inter-change of nibs when writing or illustrating, leather wrapped writing shaft, and beaded focal. The focal consists of a carved rainforest jasper leaf with rare olivewood bead, and a second dangle with a gorgeous PHANTOM QUARTZ power crystal, matched with baltic amber from Russia. This is an exclusive CSD design, and is of course one-of-a-kind.

If this post was a great gift idea for an artist as a decoration, these handcrafted quills would make a great practical gift for an artist or writer as well!  I personally hate writing anything longhand, preferring to let my fingers fly over the keyboard as fast as my thoughts are going, but I might just have to make an exception for one of these, at least some of the time.

Thanks for reading and for being patient, and as always, stay creative!

Image credits:
Crimson Dragon Feather Pen by ChaeyAhne SilverFox

Spirit of the Trees by ChaeyAhne SilverFox

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