Reef Dragon by Michelle Whitehead


Well, it’s the start of my third week back to work after our lovely two week vacation… and man, do I miss Florida!  So I went and found this amazing Reef Dragon by Australian professional artist Michelle Whitehead, posting as mmishee.  I want to be down on that beach right now!

This was a commission painting by Michelle, and she says she was “asked to ‘draw a dragon in a complex background.'”  She continues:

Its design is based on a coral reef and the fish you’d find in it.  I was inspired by the colourful patterns of reef fish, and gave it coral horns.   Dont have a name for it, other than reef dragon.  It’s face is slightly scaley, but the rest of its body is smooth like a dolphin.  Also it went fishing.  I think this is the first time I’ve ever drawn blood.

While in Florida, I picked up a postcard showing an aerial view of the small coastal community where we stayed, complete with a shot of our resort and the wide sandy beach, and I’ve got it taped to my desk so I can just stare at it and count down the days until next summer, when we return.  It’s slighly masochistic, I think.  *SIGH*

But all right.  Michelle has some other really great artwork in her gallery, including this next dragon, whom you might recognize.  Here is her Chibi Toothless, because of course I have to share Toothless.  🙂


Ah, so cute.  And finally, Michelle has also drawn an entire series based on the Chinese Zodiac.  Here is her Dragon, which is really neat, but I also liked the Ram (for me) and the Horse (for the husband), and you can find the links to your year and all the rest at those links.


Thanks for reading all, take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Reef Dragon by Michelle Whitehead

Chibi Toothless by Michelle Whitehead
Chinese Zodiac – Dragon by Michelle Whitehead

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