Empyreal Dragon (from Squiby) by Ascynd


Today I’m sharing some designs by American deviantartist Ascynd that were created for the online adoptables site Squiby.  This first gold one is called Empyreal Dragon, and according to Ascynd, this design is based on the D&D Planescape Radiant Dragon.  I really like the glittering wings!

Here’s a darker specimen — this one is called an Istarian Frilled.


Ascynd says that this dragon is “sometimes called the ‘fin-head’, [and] is named for its ear frills. These frills are expressive and often give away the dragon’s mood in body language.”

Both of these are pretty fierce dragons, but here’s one more from Ascynd that’s much cuter.  This one is called an Empyreal Leupak:


She’s adorable — I really like the baby version, which, like a lot of these dragons, reminds me of my kittens, of course!

All right, that’s it for me today.  Take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Squiby: Empyreal Dragon by Ascynd

Squiby: Istarian Frilled by Ascynd
Squiby: Empyreal Leupak by Ascynd

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