Claws and Teeth by Hillary Luetkemeyer


So today I was looking for an image of dragon teeth, and this one, called Claws and Teeth by American professional artist Hillary Luetkemeyer, posting as hibbary on deviantart, just completely fit the bill.  The thumbnail is only showing the top half — make sure to click inside to see the entire image!

I’m so happy that I get to feature an artist that I first featured back during the April 2016 AtoZ Challenge!  And it’s just by accident too, as it happens.  I wanted to tie today’s dragon to Star Trek in some way, because I’m on my way to the annual Star Trek Bar Crawl in Minneapolis with my friends, but the only “dragon” reference I kept coming up with was to an episode of Voyager called The Dragon’s Teeth.  According to the Wiki, “the episode name refers to the Greek legend of dragon’s teeth, where the teeth of a slain dragon were sown into the battlefield. The teeth sprouted up into an army of warriors, who continued to fight.”

Here’s another from Hillary called Golden Tiger Dragon.


Hillary says this is a “pet base for her day job,” which appears to be as the “Art Director/Site Artist, and Head Pretzel Straightener” at an interesting site called Khimeros, a “unique online virtual world where you can breed your own virtual pets, create and customize avatar characters, forage and craft collectible items, play games, and interact with other users through our forums, blogs, and live chat.”  I don’t have time today to check it out (I’ve got Klingons to converse with!) but it looks intriguing.

One more from Hillary today.  Here’s an adorable Baby Blue Dragon:


He’s so cute, and reminds me of our kittens!  All right, that’s it for me today, take care and stay creative all!

Image credits:
Claws and Teeth by Hillary Luetkemeyer

Golden Tiger Dragon by Hillary Luetkemeyer 
Baby Blue Dragon by Hillary Luetkemeyer

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