Dragon by StressedJenny


I found an amazing artist to feature today, folks.  This first one is just called Dragon, by a U.K. professional artist posting as StressedJenny.  She calls this a “quick mythical post-it note,” and she’s got an entire series of cute pieces, including the third image today.

But sticking with dragons for a minute (since that is the focus of this blog, of course,) Jenny is apparently Welsh, as she’s drawn this next one called Lil’ Welsh Dragon for the beginning of the Rugby season (in 2014):


So cute!  I’m really excited to check out the rest of her gallery, but for now, here is one last image — not a dragon, but another mythical creature that I love.  This is her Unicorn post-it:


Oh my goodness, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me when I see beautiful unicorn art that gets the tail right!!!  I may have done this rant before, but according to the best traditions (read: Peter S. Beagle), unicorns have the tail of a lion, not a horse.  It’s one of my biggest pet peeves.

Jenny mentions in her caption that she’d love to do more Last Unicorn fan art after doing this piece, which means she’s already done some, and I can’t wait to track down what she’s talking about now!  She has a truly amazing gallery that you should go see for yourself, in fact.  🙂

All right.  I’m completely out of time to tell you about Jenny’s comic series, but it looks amazing and you should definitely check it out on her deviantart profile page.  (In fact, now I’ve decided I’ll cheat a bit and include more notes on that in tomorrow’s post, so stay tuned.)

Thanks for reading everyone, stay creative!

Image credits:
Dragon by StressedJenny
Lil’ Welsh Dragon by StressedJenny
Unicorn by StressedJenny

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