(Dragonless) Natures Composition by Laurens Spruit


Whoo boy.  So first, here’s a beautiful, dragonless landscape called Natures Composition by Dutch deviantartist Laurens Spruit to get lost in while I throw myself a little pity party…

All right, we’re more than eight months in to this daily post undertaking, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into when it started.  This week I’ve hit a massive bump in the road by missing three days now, but I’m making (another) promise now to finish my commitment of one full year of daily posts before I get to change up the schedule come January, and I hope you’ll all stick with me for the ride.  This is still a labor of love for me, and I don’t plan to stop, so thanks for your patience.  Take care!

Image credit:
Natures Composition by Laurens Spruit

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