Lunar Ocean Dragon by Alvia Alcedo


Tonight I’m sharing some pieces by one of my favorite artists.  This is Lunar Ocean Dragon, painted on an agate stone, by Russian professional artist Alvia Alcedo.

Oh my goodness, we leave first thing in the morning!  I’m so excited!  So I have to keep this short so I can finish packing.  I just love these pendants by Alvia though, don’t you?  This next one is called Mountain Dragon, and is a nearly-finished WIP on a jasper stone.


Alvia has done many works like this, and here’s one last pendant called Green Dragon on an agate stone.


You can find more of Alvia’s beautiful work at her deviantart gallery, and you can follow her on Facebook, and check out her Etsy shop called Things With Wings as well.

All right, goodnight all, my next posts will all be from vacation-land, so stay tuned, and stay creative! 🙂

Image credits:
Lunar Ocean Dragon by Alvia Alcedo

Mountain Dragon by Alvia Alcedo
Green Dragon by Alvia Alcedo

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