Emerald and Opal Birthstone Lovebird Dragons by How Many Dragons


My husband is the greatest, as evidenced by this lovely anniversary gift I received today — another dragon sculpture from one of my favorite artists, Lindy Briggs of How Many Dragons!  This is an Emerald and an Opal birthstone lovebird pair, each holding the other’s stone (and heart… awww).


The lighting wasn’t great when I took these, but I’ll be able to add a professionally taken photo once I let Lindy know I got my present and posting her own photo won’t ruin the surprise anymore. 🙂


Each one has a different wing type and horn type, and they’re holding hands, and their tails in back form a heart as well, though of course I forgot to get a picture of that.  As always, I suggest checking out Lindy’s Facebook and deviantart gallery, and going to her Etsy store to order your own dragon sculpture or necklace pendant!

Take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
All three photos of Lindy’s beautiful design were taken by me!  But you can order your own commission at her Etsy site!

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