Scourge of the Seas by Daniel Eskridge


Tonight’s dragon is from an artist I featured a while back for a Writing Thoughts post.  Since I could only share one of his great images that day, here are two more, starting with Scourge of the Seas by American deviantartist Daniel Eskridge.

Daniel captions this one:

A massive green dragon sits perched on a large rock by the sea.  Beneath the great monster, the remains of other ships lay scattered on the sands of the beach.  As it looks out over the ocean, it spies another ship sailing by on the horizon.  Wisps of black smoke curl up from its nostrils as it contemplates its next meal.

Next up is Gold Winged Dragon.  I really like the coloring and the detail in the wing.


A huge dragon with red scales and yellow wings perches on a rocky outcropping.  His bright wings flex in the breeze as black smoke drifts from his nostrils.  A forest valley surrounds him with jagged mountains in the distance.  Above him, clouds fill the sky.

You can find more of Daniel’s art in his deviantart gallery or at his website, where you can purchase prints and other accessories featuring Daniel’s work.

Take care and stay creative!

Image credits:
Scourge of the Seas by Daniel Eskridge

Gold Winged Dragon by Daniel Eskridge

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