Servants of Flame by Juan Arrabal Hernández


I had a heck of a time choosing only a few images for today’s post, but first up is Servants of Flame, by Canadian professional artist Juan Arrabal Hernández, posting as Dragolisco (and as kokodriliscus before that).  After stumbling across his gallery of amazing dragon art, I finally decided on these three images, but I highly recommend you see more for yourself — I’ll also be sharing more soon enough!

Juan also created this beautifully colored “dragon of the depths” called King of the Undersea.


I love sharing awesome dragon art every day, and I hope I curate a pretty interesting selection, but even after six months of posts I’m still blown away by the talent I find out there on the interwebs, and at DeviantArt in particular.  Here’s one more from Juan called Storm:


You can follow Juan on Facebook and YouTube, and check out the rest of his gallery.  He’s even doing a series of amazing Pokemon if you want to check that out!

Take care all, stay creative, and send me some good writing vibes so I can get another Neeka chapter out for you this week, that’s my goal!

Image credits:
Servants of Flame by Juan Arrabal Hernández

King of the Undersea by Juan Arrabal Hernández 
Storm by Juan Arrabal Hernández

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