The Dragon’s Ire by Chandra Valli Paetsch


Happy Fourth of July to all my American readers!  This is a beautiful piece I found called The Dragon’s Ire by American professional artist Chandra Valli Paetsch, posting as theperian.  I love the colors of the dragon, and I think it looks just like fireworks!  The detail on the town below is also so amazing, and the artist credits fellow artist burtn for the reference.  Chandra says this is mixed media, watercolour, coloured pencil and ink.

Chandra’s whole gallery is beautiful, but especially her Zodiac series, her mythology series, and her fanart series — including this incredibly detailed portrait of the author of I Am America (and So Can You), Stephen Colbert himself, from his last days as the fake right-wing pundit on The Colbert Report.


From Chandra’s description:

Farewell, Stephen. Rolling Stone’s obituary for your character said it best – ‘Nobody summed up the current state of the American mind as brilliantly, as honestly, as terrifyingly as Stephen Colbert.’

Graphite and carbon pencils on bristol paper. 9″ x 12″ in., 2014.

I hope you got to enjoy the long weekend as much as I did, and even got to see some fireworks!  Take care everyone, and stay creative!

Image credits:
The Dragon’s Ire by Chandra Valli Paetsch
Stephen Colbert by Chandra Valli Paetsch

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