A Shiny Perch by Tiina Purin

A Shiny Perch by Tiina Purin - Dragondust Studios

Tonight, with a lamp to guide my way through the writing fog is A Shiny Perch by American professional artist Tiina Purin of Dragondust Studios, posting on deviantart as mirroreyesserval.  I love Tiina’s description:  “Practice with metallics…don’t how the dragon got there. I like lighting.”  🙂

Here’s another cute dragon picture by Tiina called Whelps, which was commissioned for a nursery.  This reminds me of our new little kittens so much!  They’re so rambunctious at that age — I’m glad we have two of them to keep each other occupied.

Whelps by Tiina Purin

And speaking of cats, you know I couldn’t pass up this next gorgeous picture of Tiina’s called Stardust.  It was a gift for her mother, based on her rescue cat.  I love the moon and the whiskers!

Stardust by Tiina Purin

You can buy prints, postcards, and all sorts of accessories featuring Tiina’s great art at her Storenvy shop, or on even more things like phone cases, pillows, and wall clocks at her Society6 shop.  Go check them out!

I’m pretty excited for the next chapter of Neeka’s Story, since this week’s Discover Challenge prompt is just perfect for it, so I’m off to get writing!  Thanks for reading, stay creative everyone!

Image credits:
A Shiny Perch by Tiina Purin
Whelps by Tiina Purin
Stardust by Tiina Purin

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