AtoZ: C is for Celtic Dragon Tapestry by Kevin Dyer


Day three of the A to Z Challenge!

Today we have:


C is for Celtic Dragon Tapestry

This Celtic Dragon Tapestry by artist Kevin Dyer is just gorgeous, don’t you think?  Dyer writes, “This Dragon of wisdom mysteriously contemplates the red rose.”  Woven on a computerized loom, not just printed on the fabric, it’s one of many great Celtic and fantasy pieces at Dyer’s site.  Here a Celtic Cat in cast paper (another neat medium) at his Etsy store:

Celtic Cat - Kevin Dyer 2016

I myself love all things Celtic too, especially Celtic music, both traditional and modern.  A few months ago I had the opportunity to interview Marc Gunn, a Celtic geek musician and award-winning podcaster, and wrote an article titled From Swift to Star Wars to Steampunk: The Funny Dark Sides of Celtic Geek Musician Marc Gunn all about him.  The article is one of the pieces of writing I’m most proud of, actually.

You can find out more about Marc and his music through links in the article.  I think you’ll love him as much as I do, if you’re interested in dragons, Celtic music, cats, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Firefly, D&D — basically all things awesome!

Image credits:
Celtic Dragon Tapestry
Celtic Cat

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