Golden dragon bicycle, photo by Jim Steinhart


This amazing photo of a specialty “Golden dragon” bicycle (circa 1880-1900), made at the Heritage Plantation in California, was taken in Sandwich, Massachusetts by photographer Jim Steinhart.

I needed to find a dragon and a bicycle today, since I took my first long bike ride of the season on this beautiful, but super windy, Sunday here in Minnesota.  I went 11.5 miles on my hybrid Trek bike, with only a couple pit stops required along the way.

And now I get to put the bike away again for a bit.  It’s about to get really cold here for the next week, because Mother Nature can’t make up her mind whether we get spring or not (*coughClimateChangecough*), but I was super happy to get out and enjoy riding my bike today anyway.

Take care, tune in Monday for the letter C in the A to Z Challenge, and of course, stay creative!

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