A Thanksgiving Feast in Three Acts by Christina Yen

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers, and to everyone else, happy end of November!  I found the perfect short series for this short week, so let me introduce you to these adorable little dragons by American professional artist Christina Yen, posting as The-SixthLeafClover.  In this first panel we see the Little Gatherers shopping for ingredients as they prepare for a great feast! 

There are so many different personalities on display here!  Check out the silver named Chef Merfle, trying to make sure they get everything on the list, and the green called Spark, being helpful and gathering marshmallows.  The red is Muffins, guarding that pie like nobody’s business!

Then next we find them in the Little Cooks, who “have a unique sense of flavor in their palettes and would love to fix a meal for you!”  Muffins has taken on marshmallow duty, the blue named Potato is continuing his nap from the first panel (on the potatoes, of course), and the purple is still hoarding the nachos, which is probably why they got the name Nacho!

And then finally we see all the whelplings together enjoying their work in the Little Munchers.  Christina writes that they “have completed their food mission! Successfully gathering, cooking, and serving delicious treats!”  Chef Merfle carves the turkey, Muffins’ on the muffins, Potato seems to have woken up on his potato hoard just in time to eat, Spark is all about that pie, Nacho’s in the nachos, and the mischievous golden Flame has claimed a drumstick that’s nearly as big as he is!  What a feast!

This is such a cute series, and even though Christina has it marked as a Christmas feast, I think it works perfectly well for Thanksgiving too.  You can buy prints of Little Gatherers, Little Cooks, and Little Munchers at Christina’s SixthLeafClover Store site, and you can also order her Hungry Munchers Sticker Sheet for only $2.00

I’ve shared Christina’s work before, of course — she made the amazing 2018 Zodiac Dragons calendar hanging in my kitchen (which you can now order for just $5.00!) and I’ve just ordered her new 2019 Zodiac Dragons Ornamental Edition calendar for next year!  (I’m also grabbing that sticker sheet, they’re so cute!  And perhaps a few more prints from her Holiday Sale page…)  

You can find more lovely dragons and other fantasy artwork from Christina Yen as the The-SixthLeafClover at her deviantart gallery, check out her official website and see where she’ll be appearing at conventions around the country, support her art on her Patreon site and through her Shop site, watch her livestream her work on Twitch and Picarto.tv, follow her on Facebook, and join the conversation on her Discord channel!

As a quick side note, I don’t see any difference in the finished post, but WordPress decided to “upgrade” their posting experience recently so my side looks very different.  This is the first time I’m giving it a try, and I’m not sure I like it, to be honest!  For one thing, I can’t figure out how to make only one part of a paragraph colored text like I’m fond of doing… hrm.  Fellow bloggers, have you tried the new editor yet?  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments.

Well that’s it for me, I hope you’re having a happy start to the holiday season whatever you’re celebrating, and while I’m thankful for a lot of things in my life, I’m so very grateful for all of you who come here from all over the world to read my ramblings and enjoy the awesome artwork and artists I share every week. 

So as always, thank you so much for reading, take care, and stay creative!

Image credits:
All artwork in this post is by Christina Yen, posting as The-SixthLeafClover.

Little GatherersLittle Cooks, Little Munchers, and Hungry Munchers Sticker Sheet 

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